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Workshop and Showcase

with Joseph Limbaugh


The Comedy Writing & Sketch Foundations Workshop takes you inside the process of developing great jokes and great sketches, using a structured set of writing tools and comedy principles. These are the building blocks of writing for many types of comedy, including sitcoms and comedic screenplays.  Learn the process that is the foundation of success for countless sketches and performers that have appeared on ACME's famous stage and beyond!


ACME has been producing great sketch comedy in Hollywood for over 20 years, and currently features the weekly online TV sketch show HOLLYWOOD SATURDAY NIGHT, with a celebrity guest, featuring all new sketches for every episode, which is performed in front of a studio audience and broadcast LIVE online.  Hollywood Saturday Night has been a fixture in Hollywood for several years and because of this challenging format the writers and performers have a working environment that is more like a professional television show than any other sketch show in L.A.  The Comedy Writing & Sketch Foundations Workshop is an opportunity to learn the ACME writing method, which has been developed over many years and continues to be refined by the ambitious pace of Hollywood Saturday Night.


The workshop includes:

  • A focus on finding your unique writing voice and then honing your writing to better support it.

  • An in-depth exploration of crafting jokes as the building blocks of comedy.

  • An emphasis on the balance between discovering the comedy in your writing and then clarifying and refining exactly WHAT your comedy/sketch is about.

  • Learning the ELEMENTS of what makes good comedy work and applying those elements to your own writing.

  • Performance coaching and a final performance, where the ideas you developed in class are performed on stage.




Eight 3-hour group classes, plus showcase opportunity.
Class size limited.
Tuition: $350

Sundays: March 9 - Apr 27
2:00 - 5:00 pm


ACME Comedy NoHo

5124 Lankershim Blvd

North Hollywood 91601


The workshop fills up quickly - Register today!

Joseph Limbaugh has over 15 years of experience in the fields of improvisational and sketch comedy.  His television appearances include Curb your Enthusiasm, Scrubs, That 70's Show, Yes Dear, and many others. He is a co-founder of Dad's Garage Theatre in Atlanta, where he worked as the Improv Director for 4 years before moving to Hollywood.  He has performed in numerous festivals and worked extensively with Keith Johnstone, Del Close, Stan Wells, Randy Dixon, and Dan O'Connor.  The main focus of his improv career has been blending the playful experimentation of Chicago style improv with the solid narrative theory of Johnstone's work.  He has developed and extended many improv forms including improvised cartoons and the soap opera format.  He has worked with and directed dozens of celebrities including Debra Wilson, Jimmy Pardo, Scott Thompson, Topher Grace, Felicia Day, Alex Borstein, and Brian Cranston.  He is currently the Head Writer and a cast member of the HOLLYWOOD SATURDAY NIGHT sketch comedy show, and the director of the mainstage improvisational show HOLLYWOOD DREAM ROLE, both of which are online TV shows broadcast live from the famous ACME stage.





ACME offers a variety of workshops to help you find your voice and hone your talents, comedic or otherwise.  Our programs feature fundamental and advanced skill development as well as performance opportunities appropriate for beginners and experienced actors.  Participation in advanced workshops may lead to an invitation to join one of our top level stage performance groups, or the cast of one of our popular online TV shows - hosted by celebrities and broadcast live from our theatre-studio to viewers worldwide - like HOLLYWOOD SATURDAY NIGHT and HOLLYWOOD DREAM ROLE.

Come learn from the best and network with industry leaders at the place where new and experienced actors can grow in a fun & supportive environment - ACME Actors Studio!

@ACME:  Learn . Network . Perform

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