NoHo Rentals


135 N. La Brea Ave, Hollywood


5124 Lankershim, North Hollywood



ACME Comedy NoHo (North Hollywood) is a beautiful 70-seat theatre that serves as both a performance space for shows & presentations and an actors studio for classes & workshops, and you can rent this great space for your event!


Evening Shows / Classes & Workshops / Screenings / Presentations


The ACME NoHo theatre features a large stage, basic furniture pieces, backstage green room and dressing rooms, several large video display screens, wireless handheld mics, and lighting and sound systems.


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ACME NoHo - Theatre Front

ACME NoHo - Lobby ACME NoHo - Lobby ACME NoHo - House & Stage
ACME NoHo - Seating ACME NoHo - Stage ACME NoHo - Green Room ACME NoHo - Dressing Rooms
    Rental Fees - Rehearsals, Workshops, Screenings, Shows    


Afternoon  1 PM - 5 PM $180

          (For video production fees see below)

Full Day  9 AM - 5 PM $295  


Evenings:  6:00-10:00 PM  (our standard evening time-slot includes 4 hours)
Mon, Tues, Wed, Thurs $245           (For video production fees see below)
Fri $295  
Sat $325 Add a Saturday afternoon rehearsal or matinee for just $160 - a 10% savings.
Sun $245 Add a Sunday afternoon rehearsal or matinee for just $160 - a 10% savings.
*Thurs-Sun Special $945 15% savings on this 4-night weekend special!

The evening time-slot has some setup/tech time built in (for example, 90 minutes, from 6-7:30pm, before the start of an 8 PM show/event).

Need to start earlier?  Add an hour to the beginning of your evening rental for just $75, and arrive at 5!  (schedule permitting)

Want to stay later than 10 PM?  Extend your evening rental to 11 or Midnight for just $75/hr.



Save 10% when booking two or more days/evenings in the same week (rental week begins Mon, ends Sun).

Save 5% when booking two or more days/evenings in the same calendar year.

Discounts apply only to those dates booked and paid together.  Discounts cannot be combined.


The rental fee includes an ACME staff person to supervise use of the venue.  You provide a light/sound tech person to run cues during rehearsal and show (if applicable).  If you prefer a more full-service experience where we handle the tech for you, see our Hollywood location info.



If you need professional HD video production options such as multi-camera recording, live edit, or online broadcast, we offer those options at our Hollywood theatre & production studio.


For rental of our NoHo space for video shoots/production using your own equipment & crew, a location fee of $25/hour applies (in addition to base rental rates above).



    The theatre is generally available for afternoon rentals from 1 to 5 pm, full day rentals from 9 am to 5 pm, and for evening rentals from 5:30 pm to Midnight.  Evening events are usually scheduled for start times of 8, 8:30, or 9 pm, to allow for ample setup/tech time before, and load-out time after.  Two shows, screenings, etc. can be scheduled in one evening as long as enough time is allowed before, between, and after events.  An ACME staff member will work with you to ensure a successful plan.

To check availability, see the calendar below which shows the theatre's BUSY (not-available) dates & times.  Click on the word "busy" to see the START and END times of an existing event.  After checking availability, see the Rental Booking section below.

Note that while the calendar is a good guide to availability, occasionally a date/time that appears to be open may not be available for rentals due to staff availability or other factors.


    Rental Booking    
    To book a rental, please follow these steps:

1.  Check availability of your desired dates and times on the calendar above (note: this calendar is for our North Hollywood "NoHo" location only).

2.  Send an email to rentals(at) to notify us of your desired rental date/time.  Be sure to tell us which theatre location (Hollywood or North Hollywood) you're inquiring about.

3.  An ACME staff member will confirm availability, and email you a PayPal invoice for the rental fee (you'll need a credit or debit card, or other PayPal payment method, to pay online).

4.  Once the fee is paid, we'll add your event to our rental calendar and contact you to coordinate the details of your event.

Get started today - book your rental time now.  We look forward to working with you for a great event at ACME!

    Please note: Rental fees are non-refundable.  If you cancel your booking, you will be responsible for entire rental fee, unless we are able to re-rent the same date(s) & time(s) to another party.    



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